Tuesday, August 24, 2010

365 Days

Its hard to imagine it has almost been a whole 365 days since this

Finn Robert Baker was born under a star filled September sky. Our little water babe, our second child, a little brother for our Hudson. He has brought more love & joy into our lives than we thought we could ever know. It was a moment when our little became our big & I will always cherish the moment the two brothers first met. 

Oh I am so proud of you my beautiful firstborn boy! You teach me about really living every single day! You are predictable & spontaneous, a sweet gentle soul & a firecracker all at once! I love watching you with him & how proud you are to be his big brother! 

I have begun to think up ways to mark the milestone of his first 365 days & something I wanted to do is attempt to make him is a soft toy. I was inspired by my own mum (who passed away from ovarian cancer aged 46 in November 2006) unbeknown to me at the time she was working on this 

She had brought all the materials to make 3, one each of my brother,sister & me. She became too sick to fast to ever finish them &, after she passed away her sisters & friends rallied to complete them, so they could be given to us at Christmas that year. I will be forever grateful to those women who completed my mums work, I will always treasure him!! Especially as now I am a mother myself & he now has pride of place in my boys bedroom, where they have named him angel nanna bear! 

 It doesn't matter that I have never sewn before or know the right end of a needle from the wrong. I want to give him something personal, something tangible that will remind him just how much I love him, stitch by stitch. Just as my mother had intend for me. So I piled the boys into the car & headed off to Spotlight we trawled the isles rummaging though treasure troves of fabric & brightly coloured thread. This is what we found

Wish me luck! :) I'll be back with pictures once I am finished! 

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